ASC Bio has discoverd a new type of stem cell

Jan 05, 2024By Scott Brovsky
Scott Brovsky
ASC Bio RNA sequence analysis of 4 cell types

This is a principal component map of the RNA sequence analysis of 4 cell types:  

1) ASC Bio’s Multipotent Adult Stem Cells: MASCs
2) Mesenchymal stem cells (bone marrow and placental): BM.MSC and PL.MSC
3) Embryonic stem cells: ESC
4) Smooth muscle cells (a typical differentiated cell): SMC

The plot shows that MSCs, ESCs, SMCs, and MASCs all have very distinct gene expression profiles. MSCs isolated from bone marrow and placenta, as expected, are very similar.

The bottom line is that MASCs are a unique stem cell, distinct from MSCs and ESCs.  

The GEO number for the RNAseq for the MASCs is GSE140119.