Rengenerating Knee Cartilage with ASC Bio's MASCs

Scott Brovsky
Mar 29, 2024By Scott Brovsky

We are all going to go through it. Many of us have already started. First, a bit of pain in the knee as we play sports. Then as we walk. The pain in the knee as we continue to play gets worse, and lasts longer. We are taking Advil before we play. We are putting on knee braces. Now the knee hurts almost all the time. We are taking more Advil. We go to an orthopedic surgeon and he tells us we have osteoarthritis and that it is going to get worse. Maybe we get a hyaluronic acid injection. But that wears off. And then comes the bad news: we need a total knee replacement.

Is there an alternative? ASC Bio has one: regenerate the cartilage in your knee so it is as good as new. No osteoarthritis. Future posts will tell you how we will do this and how we know it will work.

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The picture above is an arthritis defect in cartilage. It is a mess. Look at the deep hole in the middle. All the cartilage is gone and even a lot of the bone under the cartilage is gone. There is non-cartilage tissue in the hole. 

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The picture above is that same arthritis treated with ASC Bio's MASCs (Multipotent Adult Stem Cells). There is continuous cartilage across all of the defect and there is bone underneath. It looks just like the normal cartilage on each side and looks like it never had arthritis.